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FEE:  $130.00

All applicants need to meet with the program advisor to complete the required paperwork prior to registering for the EVOC program.  The EVOC course is for all Operators/Drivers of Emergency and Nonemergency Vehicles.  The EVOC course included:  Identifying the problems in emergency vehicle operations, motivates the emergency vehicle operator to perform professionally, legal aspects of EVOC, physical forces acting upon the vehicle, performing vehicle inspections and maintenance, legal and regulatory requirements of SOG's, testing and competency course.  Upon completion, the participant will be able to gain a new appreciation of the responsibilities of an Emergency Vehicle Operator, effectively describe the civil, criminal and punitive aspects of emergency vehicle operations, demonstrate knowledge of Florida's emergency vehicle statutes, describe the physical laws and operational characteristics of a moving emergency vehicle, describe the personal, ethical, and professional responsibilities as an EVOC operator, gain insight into the physical characteristics of emergency vehicles and demonstrate proficiency in handling an emergency vehicle.  This course takes 20 hours to complete and is given in 2, 10 hour days.  The course registration fee is $118.00* for Florida residents.  Course registration fees are higher for out-of-state students.  In order to qualify for Florida resident tuition, legal residence must be dated, issued or filed 12 months before the first day of classes in the term.  This course is mandatory for all Medical First Responders, EMT, Paramedic and Fire Fighter I & II completers.

Applicants/students registering for the Fire Fighter I & II program are required to bring proof of EVOC certification to be exempt from this course.  Applicants/students without EVOC will be required to register at the time of registration.


*Registration fee does not include the mandatory $10.00 Activity Fee due once each school year.